Ep. #9368

Season 37, Episode 194 -  Air Date: 8/13/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Brandon and Sami kiss in the storm on the hospital roof; he pulls away, but she finally admits she loves him and means it this time. They almost make love on the rooftop, but security guards open the jammed door before they do. Brandon promises they‘ll pick up where they left off tonight in his loft...Billie and Bo are trapped in the warehouse by a fallen electrical pole and its loose live wires. They‘re forced to stand on a crate to prevent getting electrocuted. Later, Bo hoists Billie onto a beam above them that leads to a window. Billie escapes through the window and calls for help, but injures herself from the fall. Bo sweeps her off her feet and insists she see a doctor...Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Sami, who she hasn‘t been able to track down. Tony swears she‘s not there and takes Marlena around the house to prove it. After the search, Tony goes into a fugue state and hears a voice repeating, ""You know what you must do."" Marlena hears To