Ep. #9367

Season 37, Episode 193 -  Air Date: 8/12/2002
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** From nbc.com/days **Jennifer and Colin are stranded in the lifeguard shack as the thunderstorm pounds Salem. Colin tells Jennifer the car is stalled and they may have to spend the night. As Colin makes advances, Jennifer decides to use the microphone in the brooch to allow Jack to hear. Panicked, Jack secretly sends a state trooper to rescue them. They come back to the hospital, where Jennifer finds out Jack sent the trooper to save her. Meanwhile, Jack pumps Tony for information; Tony‘s cooperative, but doesn‘t reveal much. He tells Colin that he plans to work with John and he‘s more determined than ever to get John to trust him enough to share what he knows about the mysterious key...John tells Brady that it‘s possible they haven‘t been able to find Dr. Sykes because he may be in the Witness Protection Program. Brady‘s worried about how optimistic Philip is being and reluctantly tells his dad about Isabella. John believes Brady has felt his mother‘s presence, but he doesn‘t beli