Ep. #9366

Season 37, Episode 192 -  Air Date: 8/9/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Abe presses Lexie to reveal all the secrets she‘s been keeping so they can start anew. They‘re interrupted and Abe has to take a work call privately; Brandon shows up and implores Lexie not to reconcile with Abe, but she gets rid of Brandon just before Abe returns. Lexie breaks down as Abe presses her, but she lies and says there‘s nothing else she‘s keeping from him. With renewed faith, Abe believes her and takes her upstairs to make love...Bo calls Hope and tells her about the video that proves Stefano was somehow behind the baby switch. Hope gets emotional after hanging up and Barb, feeling guilty, reveals she learned of the baby switch long before anyone else. She didn‘t tell anyone and went to Lexie, who wasn‘t surprised. Hope realizes Barb is saying Lexie knew about the switch even before Barb! She confirms and discloses that Lexie gave her hush money not to tell anyone...Billie switches places with a pregnant detective to get in on Bo‘s drug bust. Bo is f