Ep. #9365

Season 37, Episode 191 -  Air Date: 8/8/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**While flipping through a reference book on constellations, John finds information on the Gemini twins. He confronts Tony, who realizes that Sami told John about his philanthropic work; he smoothly covers and tells John that they can use the satellite technology to do charity work together. However, he is unsure what Stefano had planned to use the technology for. Later, Tony meets with Colin and wonders if Colin can trust Jennifer. Colin assures Tony that he won‘t take any unnecessary risks...Rex draws the Gemini constellation and Belle wonders if that is where he and Cassie are from. Mimi and Kevin show up at the cabin, seeking shelter with Shawn, Belle, Cassie and Rex. Later in the day, Rex and Cassie draw a picture of a three-pronged key; unbeknownst to the kids, it replicates the one John has...Jennifer and Jack are curious about what Colin is up to after seeing him being photographed kissing Nicole while romantically pursuing Jennifer. Jack gives Jennifer a