Ep. #9364

Season 37, Episode 190 -  Air Date: 8/7/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie crumbles in Abe‘s arms and begs him to give their marriage one more chance, but Abe informs her that he plans to file for divorce. She swears she is deeply sorry and refuses to have anything to do with Brandon again. Abe feels her pain and draws her into a passionate kiss. He explains to her that he wants to fix their marriage, but they need to take it slowly. They arrange to face their demons later and wipe the slate clean...When Sami turns to John for advice on how to get Brandon, he warns her that Brandon may have been involved in the baby switch. He also tries to convince her to cut her ties with Tony before it ends up hurting Marlena. Sami reaffirms her belief that Tony is a good man and defends him by telling John about the good deeds he‘s doing with the satellite photos of the island. John doesn‘t say anything, but his curiosity is piqued as he remembers Stefano holding Marlena hostage on an island. Later, Sami goes to the DiMera Mansion, where Tony