Ep. #9363

Season 37, Episode 189 -  Air Date: 8/6/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**At the station, Abe/Bo stare on as Lexie is forced to watch the hospital surveillance tape. Lexie is distraught and runs out while Bo tries to comfort Abe. Despite his love for Lexie, he feels his marriage is truly over and plans to file for divorce. Upon returning to the mansion, Lexie demands that Bart tell her Stefano‘s role in the baby switch. Bart doesn‘t give her any direct answers, but enough that she realizes her father was responsible. Lexie leaves and ends up on Abe‘s doorstep...Tony and Bart are looking through some photos of an island and trying to connect them to the blue key. Sami bursts in, eager to know if Tony‘s done anything to help her yet. He insists she show a little patience, but Sami can‘t wait and goes to see Caroline. She implores Caroline to talk to Victor on her behalf, but Caroline refuses, telling her to grow up and learn to love selflessly...Billie comes into the hospital to help Brandon with an abused teen that won‘t talk. Billie g