Ep. #9362

Season 37, Episode 188 -  Air Date: 8/5/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Abe and Bo watch in shock as they see the ID bracelets magically change on the enhanced surveillance video. They realize immediately that it‘s not magic, but really a plan of Stefano‘s being executed. Meanwhile, Roman is yelling at Billie because she‘s complaining that she hasn‘t been spending time in the station; he thinks it‘s because she wants to be around Bo. Roman watches the tape and Abe sends for Lexie to come see it as well. Billie sees the babies on the tape and is reminded of the baby she lost; Bo walks in and she asks if he ever thinks about Georgia, but he gets a call from Hope before he can reply. Later, Lexie is brought in and forced to view the tape...Jack and Jennifer spy on Colin, who has a private moment with Nicole. She spots Victor and pulls Colin to an isolated area of Salem Place, in order to remain discreet. Per Tony‘s orders, Colin gets close to her and gives her a friendship ring. Afterward, he pulls her into an intense kiss and a hidden