Ep. #9361

Season 37, Episode 187 -  Air Date: 8/2/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Marlena stops John before he can say anything more to Tony, fearing he‘ll reveal that he stole the key. John spins it and confronts Tony about his ""friendship"" with Sami. Tony plays the martyr, says he/Sami are merely friends and he goes. John follows him and ""accidentally"" lets him see some research about special metals developed for space, which Tony doesn‘t react to. Meanwhile, Marlena is still unnerved as she remembers holding the key for the first time. Tony runs into Lexie and prepares her for the possibility that Stefano did have a hand in the baby switch. He returns to the mansion and summons Bart; he learns about the satellite Stefano put into orbit and demands to know what plans his father had for it. Later, Tony/John/Marlena ponder the mystery of the key, wondering what secrets it will unlock...Cassie/Rex are still freaking out after seeing Philip‘s keys and Belle/Shawn try to calm them. When they both leave the room, Cassie/Rex run off and hide on the