Ep. #9360

Season 37, Episode 186 -  Air Date: 8/1/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Nicole and Kate exchange words at the hospital and Kate goads her with the threat of losing Victor. Later, Nicole asks Victor to take care of Kate like he did with Sami, but he challenges her to handle Kate on her own. Meanwhile, Kate goes to see Marlena and admits that she does know why Stefano willed her a jar of kippers; she reveals she had a past with him, but finds it too painful to disclose too much. Marlena is understanding and offers to listen when Kate is ready to talk about it...Sami refuses to stay away from Brandon, but Victor reminds her that he owns her, leaving her no choice but to back off. Meanwhile, Tony is frustrated and impulsively decides that Colin must retrieve the key from John. Suddenly, Tony‘s electronic device detects the key in the hospital. Meanwhile, John visits Marlena in her office and tries to get her to open up about why she reacted so fearfully when she grabbed the key from him last night. Sami runs into Tony and asks for his as