Ep. #9359

Season 37, Episode 185 -  Air Date: 7/31/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Belle and Shawn continue to try and help the aliens adapt to life on Earth. They realize the twins have picked up some catch phrases from TV and cleverly parrot the words they learn from commercials and other shows. Philip meets the twins, who Belle/Shawn have named Cassie and Rex, based on the names of the Gemini twins. Rex shows dexterity for the computer and Cassie seems to have a photographic memory. The mystery deepens as they freak out by the sight of Philip‘s keys...Sami tries to empathize with Brandon and get her hooks back into him by sharing her memory of seeing Marlena and John make love on the Titan conference table when she was younger; she thinks that was a lot more traumatic than what he went through seeing his mom kiss Abe. Brandon doesn‘t fall for her manipulation and blows her off. Later, Nicole tries to get reassurance that no matter what Sami does, Brandon will stay away from her. Brandon promises, which pleases Nicole. Meanwhile, Victor carri