Ep. #9358

Season 37, Episode 184 -  Air Date: 7/30/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**John informs Bo that the key is made from a special metal intended for space; he can‘t wait for Tony to come for it and reveal the secret of what it unlocks. Meanwhile, Marlena has a nightmare about a stranger pressing her to fall asleep. She‘s woken up when Tony arrives to apologize for how the will reading upset her. Tony fakes a catatonic state and uses an electronic device to scan the place for the key once Marlena leaves the room; it isn‘t there and he pockets the device when Marlena returns. She catches him with his hand in his pocket and he pulls out the missing queen from John‘s chessboard, apologizes, and leaves. Tony returns to the mansion and finds a note in the dollhouse mansion from Stefano, revealing that if he opens the door with the blue key, it will open the door to his dreams. When John comes home, Marlena insists he give the key to Tony. She grabs it from him and is gripped with an anxiety that makes her realize they must keep the key from the D