Ep. #9356

Season 37, Episode 182 -  Air Date: 7/26/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Jennifer meets Colin at the pub and tries to get dirt on the memorial service. Bo tries to dissuade Jack from letting Jennifer help with their investigation, but Jack reminds Bo that she is probably their only hope at getting close to Colin. Meanwhile, Roman calls Billie into Abe‘s office and they have a heated discussion about their past relationship. Billie walks out; Roman later asks Grandpa Shawn the significance of the wooden toy boat that Stefano bequeathed him. Back at the pub, Bo and Jennifer are surprised to see Jack and Billie meeting together. Colin spots Billie and fingers her as his missing Jane Doe from the night of the meteor showers. She pleads with him to cover for her, but Bo overhears and she‘s forced to explain why she left the ER. Colin asks Jennifer out to dinner and she accepts. Later, Hope receives some disturbing news as the mysterious knuckle cracking man watches outside the door. She goes to the pub and is thrown to see Bo/Billie togethe