Ep. #9352

Season 37, Episode 178 -  Air Date: 7/22/2002
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Roman and Billie arrest the members of the street gang ""The Aliens"". After everyone has left, the real(?) aliens come out of hiding and are found by Belle & Shawn. The aliens jump into the Salem river to escape the teens. Bo tells Hope about Billie‘s new job and Hope leaves to confront Billie at the police station. Hope returns home to find Alice watching Zack and the two discuss the Billie situation. Bo discovers the invitation to the reading of Stefano‘s will. Over at the DiMera mansion, Lexie and Sami have it out in the DiMera foyer. Out on the terrace, Sami tells Brandon she wants him back as Lexie eavesdrops. Bo barges in on the festivities and demands to know what business Stefano has with his wife. While talking with Marlena, Tony slips into a catatonic state and calls out her name.