Ep. #9350

Season 37, Episode 176 -  Air Date: 7/18/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**John is very suspicious about Tony and Sami‘s clandestine meeting, but Tony covers, suggesting that Sami has followed John‘s lead and she‘s befriended him. John is evasive and warns Sami to stay away from Tony. Sami ignores John and Tony says he‘ll pretend to be involved with Sami if it will help her get Brandon back. He invites Sami to dinner tonight at the mansion, telling her that he‘ll invite Brandon/Lexie as well. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Kate about how John‘s been extending himself to Tony. She supports the move, which leads Marlena to believe Kate knows what John‘s plans are. John approaches them and reveals to Marlena that he‘s planning to expose Tony as a true DiMera. John/Marlena get an invitation to Tony‘s dinner party as Tony sets up his dinner guests for some payback...Billie pleads her case with Bo/Roman, explaining why she decided to become a cop. Her goal was to work with Roman because they worked together undercover a few years ago. Billie admits