Ep. #9349

Season 37, Episode 175 -  Air Date: 7/17/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**John goes to see Tony and gives him a leather bound volume of Edgar Allen Poe stories. Meanwhile, Sami sees Brandon and Lexie together and goes to the police station to get Abe to work things out with her; Abe tells Sami to mind her own business and Roman warns her not to get involved. She ignores him and calls Tony to meet her at the hospital. Tony arrives and asks Lexie to go to the bone marrow drive with him; John is there when they walk in and Tony makes a generous donation to the Leukemia Foundation. John matches Tony‘s donation as they continue the ruse of friendship. Lexie suggests Brandon quit the hospital and work with her at the free clinic, while John catches Tony/Sami secretly meeting in the hospital alley...At the bone marrow drive, Shawn/Belle argue about the aliens and if they‘re real. The argument reminds Belle how angry she was at Shawn for lying and Brady suggests that maybe Shawn/Belle just aren‘t meant to be. Philip hears Belle retort that Bra