Ep. #9348

Season 37, Episode 174 -  Air Date: 7/16/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**At the pub, Chloe‘s friends make posters for the bone marrow drive. Bo drops in and asks Shawn why he told Agent Spector a different story than he told his parents. Shawn covers and says he/Belle have decided that what they thought they saw was a dream. Later, Belle confesses to Shawn that she‘s having trouble forgetting about the aliens. Brady is troubled and wants to express his true feelings to Chloe, but he knows she has to focus on getting better. They all head to the hospital to hang the signs in the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Billie lurks outside the pub, watching Bo. The aliens steal a bottle of wine and a photo of Belle/Shawn from the pub; Bo chases after them, but he doesn‘t get a good look at them. Billie evades detection and murmurs that everyone will know the truth tomorrow...Jennifer tells Jack what she overheard between Tony/Colin at the hospital. She thinks Colin ""kidnapped"" her to banish any lingering suspicions, but they‘re not gone. Jack is against