Ep. #9347

Season 37, Episode 173 -  Air Date: 7/15/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Marlena and Tony brace themselves for John to explode when he walks in on them meeting together, but he‘s completely civil with Tony. John offers an olive branch and wants to give Tony the benefit of the doubt, despite how difficult he knows it will be. As a sign of gratitude toward John‘s peace offering, Tony invites John/Marlena to dinner and they accept. Later, Colin questions Tony about his plan; Tony reveals that he has every intention of getting closer to John and Marlena...Colin leads a blindfolded Jennifer onto a secluded sandy beach with a romantic campfire. Attempting to do damage control after she saw him with Tony, Colin admits to Jennifer that he came to Salem because of her. He also reveals that he was engaged to Elizabeth as part of an undercover operation, although he can‘t disclose the details. Jennifer stews over what Colin‘s said and asks him to take her back to Salem; she runs into Jack and tells him she believes him and wants to help find out