Ep. #9346

Season 37, Episode 172 -  Air Date: 7/12/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Belle/Shawn have spent the night at Lookout Point and Belle has a nightmare that aliens are abducting them. Hope and Marlena come to the hilltop and try to convince the kids that they‘ve imagined the aliens. They‘re relieved when Belle and Shawn accept that aliens don‘t exist; little do their moms know that they‘re lying. Marlena/Hope leave and Shawn starts to think that maybe they did imagine the aliens and he tries to convince Belle. As they get into the truck, the aliens peer out from the back, now stowaways...Colin finally succeeds in reviving Tony and learns more about the fugue states that Tony has been experiencing; they‘ve become more frequent over the past few years. Tony confides in Colin about the key and asks for his assistance in retrieving it from John. Meanwhile, Jennifer is at the hospital and eavesdrops as Colin talks to Tony. Colin catches her, but Jennifer claims she didn‘t hear anything. Meanwhile, Jack gives Bo all the information he has on T