Ep. #9344

Season 37, Episode 170 -  Air Date: 7/10/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie‘s hearing begins and Tony makes an impassioned statement on her behalf as John/Marlena and Bo/Hope incredulously watch on. Hope then speaks about the hell Lexie has put her family through and begs the judge to protect her son from such a madwoman. Lexie also makes a statement, but doesn‘t admit any wrongdoing or express any remorse. As the judge retires to make a decision, the tension is palpable in the courtroom between John/Tony, Lexie/Abe as well as Bo/Hope/Lexie. The judge returns and sentences Lexie to probation, community service, and continued psychiatric counseling. He also forbids Lexie to have any contact with Zack until Bo and Hope approve it. Lexie walks out with Brandon and Tony, vowing revenge; at the same time, a process server delivers papers to Craig, revealing that Lexie is suing the hospital...Shawn/Belle return to the hilltop, surprised to find the area sealed off by the government. Before they can leave, Abe spots them and has them talk