Ep. #9343

Season 37, Episode 169 -  Air Date: 7/9/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Shawn/Belle cannot find any sign that what they saw last night actually took place, but they assume that those kids were aliens from another planet. They go to Shawn‘s house where John, Marlena, Bo and Hope have gathered and are worried sick because Shawn/Belle didn‘t come home last night. When they tell their parents about the aliens, no one can take them seriously enough to believe them. Then, Bo gets a call from Abe and Roman, asking them to come to Lookout Point. John and Bo go to the hilltop and find a Hazmat team and scientists scouring the area. John/Bo deduce that the kids saw a meteor landing there, nothing else. Meanwhile, the mystery man with the distinctive watch lurks outside Bo and Hope‘s house, spying on Belle and Shawn...Sami is trying to track down Brandon and realizes he must be with Lexie when she sees the headline in the newspaper for Lexie‘s hearing. Brandon has breakfast sent up to Lexie and joins her to cheer her up. A cop interrupts them,