Ep. #9340

Season 37, Episode 166 -  Air Date: 7/2/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Tony listens to the jack-in-the-box and learns that John has his key. Colin comes over and wants to talk business, but Tony refuses. He inquires about Tony‘s fugue states, but Tony withholds the information. Colin leaves the mansion, aware that someone is following him. Meanwhile, Abe returns Stefano‘s ashes to Lexie; he tries to reach out to his wife, but she is too angry to listen. After Abe goes, Lexie and Brandon head to see Tony, but when they get there, Tony insists Lexie come somewhere with him.Colin shows up at the barbecue, furious with Bo for putting a tail on him. Bo admits responsibility for the tail and Abe orders him to remove it. Grandpa Shawn corners Colin and asks about his relationship with Tony, but Colin covers and implores his uncle to get Bo off his back. Belle makes an announcement about the bone marrow drive, getting much support and volunteers; Jack and Jennifer even offer to use the newspaper to help with the drive, since they know what