Ep. #9339

Season 37, Episode 165 -  Air Date: 7/1/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**John has spent the night carefully searching the DiMera Mansion and finally finds a secret compartment in the desk drawer, with a mystery object inside. John is almost caught by Tony, but sneaks out and calls Marlena, asking her to meet him at the police station. Meanwhile, Roman has returned from Aremid; he reports that the ashes and the body are being tested. John and Marlena arrive at the station separately and he reveals the object he took from the mansion: a three-pronged cobalt blue key. Tony‘s story is corroborated when they receive confirmation that the body buried in Aremid is Andre DiMera; however, the ISA could not verify the identity of the ashes without any solid bone fragments, so they worry that Stefano may still be alive. Everyone heads to Bo/Hope‘s house for the Brady/Horton BBQ. Meanwhile, Tony realizes the key is missing and Bart shows him the surveillance tapes. They realize the cameras were rigged so that whoever broke in wouldn‘t be seen. Ton