Ep. #9338

Season 37, Episode 164 -  Air Date: 6/28/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie/Bo wait for Colin to explain what he‘s doing at the DiMera Mansion; he admits he‘s done research on Tony‘s blood disease and wants to treat him. Lexie urges Tony to let Colin examine him, but Tony refuses. Suddenly, he collapses and goes into a catatonic state. Lexie/Bo/Colin rush him to the hospital; he revives and insists he‘s tired and wants to go home. Lexie asks Colin to follow him; they meet up at the mansion and Colin reveals that he and Tony are connected when he compliments him on faking the episode. Colin‘s glad Tony has come to Salem because they have work to do; Tony can‘t focus and asks Colin to leave. Meanwhile, John plans to use his ""Soldier Black"" skills to gather incriminating evidence against Tony. Marlena is worried and prays for John‘s safety. As Tony heads upstairs to bed, John breaks into the mansion...Brandon confronts Sami about her involvement with Tony and admits that he‘s afraid for her. Sami loves the way Brandon is responding an