Ep. #9337

Season 37, Episode 163 -  Air Date: 6/27/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie and Tony continue to bond as siblings, but she‘s furious that Tony handed over Stefano‘s ashes to John. She goes to the police station and asks for them back. Abe feels sorry for her, but refuses to give up the ashes. John, Roman, Abe and Bo are planning to use ISA equipment to run a DNA check on the remains...Sami spots Brandon at the hospital, and he‘s upset because Lexie is spending time with Tony. She knows he‘s going over to the mansion to ""save"" Lexie, so Sami heads over there and flirts with Tony; Brandon arrives and immediately figures out what Sami is up to. He takes her back to the hospital and demands to know what she‘s planning with Tony...Colin breaks things off with Nicole because of Victor‘s warning; it‘s obvious he has some skeletons in his closet that he doesn‘t want discovered. Nicole realizes that Victor has interfered and invites him to a fourth of July rendezvous. Despite her apparent plans for him, Victor is one step ahead of Nicole..