Ep. #9336

Season 37, Episode 162 -  Air Date: 6/26/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie goes to see Tony and he confirms that Stefano is truly dead. Tony shares Stefano‘s last wishes with Lexie, which were to carry on the DiMera legacy with her brother. John shows up and is enraged to see Lexie there. As he rips them apart, Marlena arrives and stops him; he‘s upset that she followed him there. Just then, Eliana enters and tells Tony that his father is here. It turns out to be Stefano‘s ashes and Lexie/Tony share their grief. John demands to have them tested for authenticity; Lexie refuses, but Tony hands them over, asking only that John treat them with respect. John/Marlena leave with the ashes, fearful that the real nightmare is still to come...Craig/Nancy go to see Chloe and raise her spirits, but they‘re not happy to learn that Brady spent the night. Craig reads him the riot act, but softens when he realizes that Brady had Chloe‘s best interests in mind. He asks Brady to get tested as a bone marrow donor, since that is Chloe‘s best chance f