Ep. #9335

Season 37, Episode 161 -  Air Date: 6/25/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie is devastated to hear that Stefano is dead. John doesn‘t believe it, despite the death certificate Tony produces. Tony explains that he tracked down Stefano and was with him when he died in a car accident; his last request was for Tony to look after Lexie. Abe/Roman take him into the station and Bo/Marlena try to detain John, but he sneaks out of the restaurant. Meanwhile, Sami follows Brandon/Lexie to the station. Roman orders the exhumation of ""Tony‘s"" body and later reports that the death certificate is real and the ISA has confirmed the death of Stefano DiMera. Without evidence, Abe is forced to release Tony. Lexie wants to go to the mansion with her brother, much to Brandon‘s disapproval. He confides in Sami that he doesn‘t trust Tony, thinks he‘s dangerous. Sami realizes she needs to get into a position to be rescued by Brandon to win his heart and meets up with Tony; she thinks he‘s innocent and gives Tony her number, encouraging him to call her for h