Ep. #9329

Season 37, Episode 155 -  Air Date: 6/17/2002
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At the Full Moon Inn all is revealed after Colin shoots Jack. The hotel is a murder mystery theme hotel and Harry and Iris are shocked to learn the two didn‘t know that. Jack and Sami are furious, and Sami tears into Jen for stringing along Jack, Brandon and Colin. Back in Salem, John storms the DiMera mansion looking for Stefano with Marlena and Roman following behind him. In one of the secret rooms, Rolf receives a call informing him of an arrival and Rolf tells Bart he has to leave and gives him an important assignment. In another empty secret room, John finds an order slip for Stefano‘s favourite wine. At the Carver house, Lexie turns herself over to Abe. Over at University Hospital, Chloe is rushed into the ER by the teens where they are told of Chloe‘s diagnosis. Chloe begins her chemotherapy.