Ep. #9328

Season 37, Episode 154 -  Air Date: 6/14/2002
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Brady and John discuss the strange occurances at the loft. John reads a tabloid reporting the Gemini Meteor Shower and goes into Soldier Black mode. Brady recieves a strange message on his computer to get to the hospital. At University Hospital, Nancy and Craig anxiously await the results of Chloe‘s last series of tests. The call comes in, and Craig and Nancy are devistated by the confirmation that Chloe has leukemia. Over at the Last Blast ... Shawn tells Belle that he never had sex with Jan and that Paul Mendez raped her. Belle can‘t take the news and runs off. Mimi and Kevin turn Cynthia and Jason‘s punch filled balloon prank back on themselves. After a speach by Chloe about wasting their lives, the class of 2002 boot Cynthia and Jason from the dance. Chloe goes to talk to Ms. Perez, who then goes to Mimi and tells her that her punishment is over and that she may dance the last dance with Kevin. As the final song plays, Chloe & Phillip and Mimi & Kevin and Shawn is left all