Ep. #9326

Season 37, Episode 152 -  Air Date: 6/12/2002
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At the Green Mountain Lodge Nicole is furious with Colin for using her the way he did and attacks him. Brandon and Jen try to relax after spotting Colin with Nicole but are disturbed by the smashing sounds in their room. After telling Colin to back his bags, Brandon is called back to Salem by Lexie. Bo takes Hope and Zack away from Salem on the Fancy Face II till the Lexie situation blows over. Unknown the them, Lexie has watched them set out to sea and jumps in after them with Brandon looking on in horror. At the Full Moon Inn Sami escapes Harry in the passageway. Jack tries to find where Sami has disapeared to and notices his car battery is missing. When he comes back inside he overhears Iris on the phone plotting to take care of ""Mr. Deverocks"" and Jack assumes he‘s been targeted by the mob he sent to prison in Vegas. After ""knocking out"" Iris, Jack tries to call the police but the call is routed back to Iris pretending to be the police from the front desk. Jack calls Jen on