Ep. #9318

Season 37, Episode 144 -  Air Date: 5/31/2002
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Everyone arrives at the church and have random conversations with each other. Bo and Hope receive the call from the DNA lab at the church. Rolf poisons the baptismal fountain with too much of his portion after John and Roman startle him, and it‘s now possible that the water could really kill Zack. Lexie overheats Bart on the phone with Rolf discussing the plan and Lexie is furious that Rolf went ahead with it after she told him not to. Lexie decides to crash the ceremony to save Isaac, Bart disguises himself as a drunk so that Lexie can get in without being noticed. As the ceremony starts, Lexie hides in a confession booth. Bo & Hope announce that Bo is Zack‘s birth father and everybody is overjoyed. Father Jansen starts the ceremony and Lexie watches in horror as he prepares to pour the water onto Zack.