Ep. #9317

Season 37, Episode 143 -  Air Date: 5/30/2002
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Kim and Melissa return to Salem for the christening of Zack Brady. Shawn still cannot accept Zack as his brother which continues to cause friction between his parents and himself. Celeste and Lexie have another argument over her actions. At the Brady Pub, Abe, Roman, John and Kim discuss the security precautions for the christening and fear that Stefano may return and crash the ceremony. Abe joins Lexie at the DiMera mansion and Lexie throws him out. Bart provides Rolf with his priest disguise that he will use to gain entry to the church and poison the baptismal fountain with his potion that will make Zack appear to be dead. As everybody starts leaving for the chapel, Bo and Hope receive a phone call from the DNA lab regarding Zack‘s paternity test.