Ep. #9316

Season 37, Episode 142 -  Air Date: 5/29/2002
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Lexie decides that she will sue University Hospital over the baby switch fiasco. Brandon threatens Lexie that if she goes through with her lawsuit he will testify that she knew all along about the switch. Craig threatens Lexie that if she takes her case to court she will go down for the switch. Celeste tries to take Lexie home but she is too upset and walks off. Bo and Hope call Abe over to their house and they tell him about Isaac‘s name change, and ask him if he will be Zack‘s godfather, he accepts. Lexie, cowering behind bushes overhears Bo and Hope tell Jen that Abe is going to be Zack‘s godfather and she is furious. Bo and Hope ask Jen to be Zack‘s godmother. Kate and Lucas inform Sami that Will will be going with him for the weekend which upsets Sami. When Lucas leaves to fetch Will from ""Uncle Brady"" Sami taunts Kate that Victor now has the photos of her as a prostitute and will someday use them to bury her.