Ep. #9315

Season 37, Episode 141 -  Air Date: 5/28/2002
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Celeste brings Lexie into the ER after she fainted in the DiMera mansion. Jen goes to the ER to return Brandon‘s beeper and Jack soon appears hunting for information on the baby switch. Jack questions Lexie about the switch and asks if she knew about the switch in advance and she answers ""Of course I did!"" but then quickly covers for herself. Jen agrees with Jack that there‘s a big story here and officially assigns him to the baby switch story. Shawn confronts Belle about what happend the day Jan lost her baby and the two get into a huge argument over how Shawn could believe Jan over her. Mimi goes to Bo about Jan‘s miscarrage and asks what Jan was wearing when he found her (red shirt, dark pants, wet hair). Mimi calls Chloe and gets Belle to tell Chloe what Jan was wearing when she left and she tells chloe she was in grey sweats. Chloe and Mimi know they‘ve got her, and proceed with phase 2 of their plan.