Ep. #9309

Season 37, Episode 135 -  Air Date: 5/20/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Hope is stunned when she sees the mime and remembers Bo, dressed as a mime, walking into traffic. Suddenly, she‘s hit with memories from when she was in Paris as Gina. Hope is drawn to repeat the actions Bo took and she‘s nearly run down as she walks into the street, but Bo saves her just in time. She is sure she knows where she‘ll remember who Isaac‘s father is and runs out with Bo. They go to the pier that she‘s remembered in her dream, and the minute she sees it, Hope knows they are on the right track. She finally has a breakthrough and sees the face of the man from her dream -- it‘s Bo!Meanwhile, Rolf tells Lexie that the person she has to kill is Isaac. She thinks he‘s really lost it, but Rolf sets out his diabolical plan. He has a drug that will make it appear as if Isaac is dead; while the Bradys are mourning, Isaac will be revived and Lexie can whisk him off to a new life far away from Salem. Lexie is tempted, but fears the risk involved and forbids Rolf