Ep. #9308

Season 37, Episode 134 -  Air Date: 5/17/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Bo and Hope arrive in Paris to search for clues about Isaac‘s paternity. They go to places Hope frequented during her time as Gina. Her fear of finding out the things she did as Gina hold her back, but Bo reassures her that he‘s already forgiven her for all of that. Meanwhile, a mysterious man is watching Bo/Hope from the shadows, but he disappears into the night when someone comes along. It‘s a mime and he has a huge impact on Hope, as she remembers the time when Bo was dressed as a mime under Stefano‘s control...Celeste desperately tries to make Lexie understand that what she did was wrong. Lexie is outraged and tries to throw her mother out, but Celeste refuses to leave. Cameron arrives and wants to start working with Lexie on her defense case, but Rolf announces that Lexie is pleading guilty. He gets rid of Cameron and insists that fighting the charges would only lead to an investigation of the baby switch. Rolf has a plan to get Isaac back, if Lexie agrees.