Ep. #9306

Season 37, Episode 132 -  Air Date: 5/15/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Hope is asleep and has her recurring dream; Bo comes out of the bathroom and she exclaims that she knows what they have to do. Meanwhile, Shawn passes the nursery and sees Isaac, awake, but he doesn‘t go in to him. Bo tries to cheer Hope up with a belated mother‘s day gift; he‘s inserted a picture of Isaac into her locket, next to JT‘s picture. Hope tells Bo she‘s convinced that Isaac‘s paternity is linked to Paris and she wants to go there ASAP. Bo gets a call from Caroline and it‘s apparent she‘s planning something.At Salem Place, Marlena asks John about his radar prowess last night, but he‘s evasive and avoids her questions. When he gets a call on his cell phone, he blows up at the person. Meanwhile, Philip runs into Chloe and carries her books to school. Belle chats with her parents and Mimi overhears Cynthia calling Jan, upset that Philip is with Chloe; she warns Jan to kick it up a notch with Shawn. Later, Chloe tells Philip he can help Shawn and Belle by d