Ep. #9304

Season 37, Episode 130 -  Air Date: 5/13/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Colin and Jennifer talk about her relationship with Jack at the police station. She feels for Shawn and what he‘s going through, but he shuts everyone out. Mickey comes in and tells Abe that he has the papers giving custody of Isaac to Bo and Hope, as well as a warrant for Lexie‘s arrest. Abe is destroyed, but promises to bring Lexie in and uphold the law. As John tracks the helicopter on his special radar, he calls a contact of his and asks him to use his navy force to ground the aircraft. John and Marlena come barreling out of Abe‘s office, confident that they‘ve got Lexie cornered. They head out, as Abe and Roman follow. Jennifer worries that Hope will need her support, so she and Colin take Shawn with them to the airstrip.Bo and Hope watch the helicopter take off and fear that Lexie got away with Isaac. Bo calls the station and John answers; he tells Bo that he‘s picking up a radio signal in the area and Bo goes to check it out. He leaves Hope and finds the e