Ep. #9303

Season 37, Episode 129 -  Air Date: 5/10/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**The chase is on as Rolf drives Lexie to the secret airstrip, with Bo and Hope close behind. Lexie is worried they‘ll be spotted, but Rolf assures her that few people know about this airstrip and he knows where all the road blocks are to avoid the police. Bo sees Rolf‘s SUV on a side road and follows. Rolf sprays spikes onto the road, blowing out the tires on Bo‘s truck. Bo/Hope take off on foot and arrive just as the helicopter lifts off. As Hope cries out for her baby, there‘s a mysterious figure lurking in the bushes, watching Bo and Hope...John and Marlena return to the station, having no luck checking out various airstrips themselves. He sets up a laptop in Abe‘s office and taps into the radar system. John spots an aircraft flying underneath the radar and Marlena asks how he‘s able to detect it, but he doesn‘t explain; instead, he contacts an air traffic controller. The controller reveals to the aircraft that they have been spotted, but John thinks it may be