Ep. #9302

Season 37, Episode 128 -  Air Date: 5/9/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Abe searches Brandon‘s apartment for Lexie, but Brandon covers and says that he hasn‘t seen her. They hear a noise from the bedroom, where Lexie is hiding, and find Nicole in there! Meanwhile, Lexie gets away via the fire escape. Abe leaves, but posts cops there to tail Brandon wherever he goes. Back inside, Nicole suspects that Brandon knows where Lexie is, but he‘s lying for her. Later, Abe checks out a lead and Brandon‘s furious when he discovers the cop tailing him. Lexie makes it to Salem Place and contacts Rolf; he picks her up and they head out toward the private airstrip...Belle and Brady go to find Shawn to let him know about Isaac. They split up and Belle finds him with Jan, breaking the news. Mimi arrives, sees Jan acting sympathetic, and calls her on it. Later, Cynthia meets up with Jan and vows to get Philip, and Jan‘s going to get Shawn. Meanwhile, Philip tells Victor that he‘s decided to go to Columbia and promises to get back together with Chloe.