Ep. #9301

Season 37, Episode 127 -  Air Date: 5/8/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**At the pier, Lexie refuses to give up Isaac; Hope persists and Rolf comes up from behind her and smothers her with chloroform, knocking her out. Before Lexie and Rolf can figure out their next move, Bo arrives, forcing them to disband and go separate ways. Bo cradles a lifeless Hope in his arms and rushes her to the trauma center...Brandon surprises Jennifer with a gift; he‘s had her lucky penny framed in celebration of her new job. As they are heading out for their date, they see Bo and Hope. Hope refuses to be examined and wants to go search for Lexie and Isaac. Meanwhile, Brandon receives a call from Lexie, asking him for help. He reluctantly agrees and postpones his date with Jennifer. Colin finally agrees to release Hope if he can do a quick exam. As soon as he‘s finished, Hope bolts for the police station as Bo chases after her...At Salem Place, Jennifer is outraged when she finds Jack messing around with a bigger assignment. Jack explains that he‘s helpin