Ep. #9299

Season 37, Episode 125 -  Air Date: 5/6/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Bo, Hope and Roman are determined to keep Lexie from running off with Isaac, but their panic mounts as they realize she has already taken off. Abe is disheartened when the cop tailing Lexie confirms that she‘s leaving town with the baby. Meanwhile, Lexie‘s on her cell phone with Rolf; she realizes that she‘s being tailed. Rolf sends Bart out as a decoy and Lexie is able to get away. Lexie heads to the pier, waiting for transportation to safety. Unfortunately, Hope comes running up and demands that Lexie hand over Isaac...Sami continues to scream and bang on Lucas‘s door, but Kate and Lucas ignore her as they search through Will‘s backpack for the tape recorder. They can‘t find it because Will‘s playing with it back in Sami‘s apartment. Thinking all is lost, Sami returns to her apartment. She is relieved and thrilled to see Will with the tape recorder and lets him record his favorite songs on the tape. Later, Sami shows Kate and Lucas that Will erased the confessi