Ep. #9298

Season 37, Episode 124 -  Air Date: 5/3/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Lexie is about to leave the mansion when Abe arrives, thwarting her plan. He‘s suspicious, but Lexie convinces him that she‘s moving back into their house. She sends Abe with the luggage and says she‘ll be there soon. When he‘s gone, Lexie and Rolf plot her escape; he gives her an untraceable cell phone and a map to a private airfield where she‘ll be picked up. Meanwhile, Abe goes home and gets a call from a cop that has been tailing Lexie; he breaks the news that Lexie is leaving Salem...Hope is still caught up in the loss of JT and doesn‘t want to leave his nursery. Bo persuades her to go downstairs, where she recalls her dream and tells it to him. Bo is intrigued and thinks the person with the white face is probably Isaac‘s biological father. Hope realizes that her dream takes place in Paris and Bo presses her to remember more, but she can‘t. Later, Bo gets a call with word that Lexie is running away with Isaac. Hope jumps up, determined not to lose another so