Ep. #9293

Season 37, Episode 119 -  Air Date: 4/26/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Bo/Hope break the news to Shawn that Glen will gain full custody of JT tomorrow. His first instinct is for all of them to run, but Bo says they can‘t because the transition is inevitable. However, they can make JT‘s last night with them a memorable one. Bo gets the video camera rolling and they take pictures of JT, play his favorite games and Hope prepares JT‘s favorite foods for dinner. When Hope mentions Isaac, Shawn loses it. Bo is firm but caring when he mentions that they all love JT, but Isaac is his biological brother. Shawn softens a bit, but becomes worried that Hope‘s memory flashes indicate that someday Isaac‘s real father will come to take him away too. At the end of the day, Bo and Shawn join Hope, as they keep vigil next to JT, praying that the morning never comes...Lexie is thrilled by the damaging article about Hope in The Intruder. She calls the reporter and arranges another meeting to feed him more dirt on Bo/Hope, only to turn around and see Ab