Ep. #9292

Season 37, Episode 118 -  Air Date: 4/25/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Mickey informs Bo/Hope that the judge made her final ruling and sole custody has been awarded to Glen. Hope is stricken with grief as Bo learns that JT will be taken tomorrow. Mickey is heartsick and leaves Bo and Hope to digest this news. Bo convinces Hope to be strong for JT‘s sake, but she isn‘t sure how she‘ll ever be able to let him go...Sami tries to enlist Brandon‘s help in retrieving the incriminating tape from Roman, but Brandon refuses. He sets clear boundaries with her because he knows she‘s still pining away for Austin. She realizes that Brandon won‘t help her and she decides to get the tape on her own.Roman doesn‘t know the best way to send the package to Austin, which he thinks contains Sami‘s engagement ring. As he ponders this, he gets a bogus lead on a case from Lucas, who‘s luring him out of the office. While Roman‘s out, Kate slips in to search for the tape. Unfortunately, she‘s trapped and hides under the desk when Sami arrives to get the tap