Ep. #9291

Season 37, Episode 117 -  Air Date: 4/24/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Hope, Bo, John, and Abe confront Lexie about the scandalous tabloid headlines. Hope accuses Lexie of planting the articles, but Lexie handles them all like a true DiMera, putting her accusers on the defense. When they get home, Abe presses Lexie to tell the truth, but she lies to his face. Instead of believing it, Abe threatens that he will not be able to forgive her if he finds out that she‘s been lying. Meanwhile, Hope is shattered by the story in The Intruder, which paints her as a promiscuous and unfit mother. Hope is inconsolable and takes JT upstairs before she breaks down in front of Shawn and Jan. She lies down and falls asleep, having a cryptic dream. She‘s on a foggy pier in Paris. A man appears from the mists and it‘s John. Hope knows John isn‘t the father of her baby and he disappears. Later, another man appears with a white face. He also disappears and then a hand touches Hope and she turns, gasping, ""It‘s you!""Shawn brings Jan home from the hospital