Ep. #9290

Season 37, Episode 116 -  Air Date: 4/23/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Bo and Hope spend the day with JT, wanting to make his last few days with them memorable. As Bo voices his concern about Hope‘s memory flashes, John approaches them with a possible solution. He shows them the chip he removed from Hope‘s neck at the party and suggests that she may remember everything, including Isaac‘s father, if he re-inserts it. Hope is tempted, but Bo refuses when John mentions that he‘s had it tested and no one can figure out how the chip works. Bo smashes the chip and says Princess Gina is dead, and that‘s the way it‘s going to stay. He curtly tells John that they will figure this out on their own...Celeste experiences vibes about Lexie‘s evil deeds, but she can‘t prove anything. Lexie thinks Celeste senses the stress she‘s been feeling about Hope trying to take her baby away. She leaves Celeste with the baby and meets with the reporter to give him even more dirt on Bo/Hope. The reporter leaves and Lexie is horrified to see that Brandon is th