Ep. #9289

Season 37, Episode 115 -  Air Date: 4/22/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Belle is overwhelmed with confusion when Shawn accuses her of causing Jan‘s miscarriage. He questions Belle, and she is forced to admit that she did go to Shawn‘s house and had a fight with Jan. But, Belle swears that Jan was fine when she left; she wouldn‘t have left her if something was wrong! Driven by grief, Shawn lashes out at Belle, who is crushed that he doesn‘t believe her. Later, Belle starts to wonder if she did cause Jan‘s miscarriage. Overwhelmed with guilt, she tries to get Shawn to understand, but the only thing he can believe is that the baby is dead and Belle is to blame. Shawn leaves her in absolute agony, filled to the brim with the worst pain she‘s ever known...Chloe confronts Philip after seeing the video of him and Cynthia and she barrages him with hateful words. Philip tries to defend, but Chloe says she never wants to see him again. She leaves and almost collapses as her rush of anger wanes. Philip sees this and tries to help, but Chloe won