Ep. #9287

Season 37, Episode 113 -  Air Date: 4/18/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Sami is in her apartment on pins and needles, knowing that her life is doomed if Kate/Lucas get the tape. She switches the numbers on her door with Austin‘s so that the tape will be delivered to her instead of Lucas/Kate. They all see the delivery guy arrive out their windows, believing the tape will soon be theirs. However, Roman is in the elevator and runs into the delivery man with the package -- and offers to take it...Shawn goes to visit Jan and runs into Belle and Mimi at the hospital. Alone with Belle, Shawn wants to talk, but Belle remembers her altercation with Jan and doesn‘t want to hear anything Shawn has to say. Meanwhile, Jan wakes up and fears that she‘ll lose her hold on Shawn since she‘s lost the baby. She sees Shawn and Belle outside her room and assumes that they‘ve already gotten back together. Outside the room, Belle reiterates that they don‘t have a future together and walks off. Back with Mimi, Belle is thrilled to hear that Mimi got into S