Ep. #9284

Season 37, Episode 110 -  Air Date: 4/15/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Jack is petrified to learn that Harold is Wentworth‘s son and Harold knows that Jack is worried about the safety of his secret. Harold warns Jack that he won‘t allow him to pose as a happy couple with Greta and lie to his father. Meanwhile, Jennifer senses Jack‘s demise and she and Brandon accept Wentworth‘s invitation to stick around to watch the rehearsal of his show. Oliver is panicked about his speech and Jennifer offers to revise it for him. At the same time, Big Chauncey and Chico disguise themselves as stagehands in order to get closer to Jack and the briefcase. They block all the exits as Jack and Greta realize they‘re trapped. As it looks like there‘s no way out, Harold gets an idea. While Jennifer and Brandon sit and watch the beginning of the rehearsal, Jennifer is shocked to see Greta in the line of dancing girls, along with Harold and Jack -- in drag!Bo and Hope wait tensely for word on Jan‘s condition. The prognosis is good and Colin and Dr. Bader h