Ep. #9282

Season 37, Episode 108 -  Air Date: 4/11/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Greta is shocked when Jack reveals that his briefcase is full of money. Jack can‘t explain what happened, but then Greta recalls Jack bumping into those two guys in the lobby; that must be when the briefcases got switched. Greta is quick to point out that the owner of the money must know who Jack is, since copies of his resume are in his briefcase. Jack tells her how he overheard the guys calling him ""Dever-rocks"" and threatening to take care of him. Greta insists that they try to straighten the mess out, but Jack doesn‘t think that‘s possible. As Greta is getting dressed, Jack sees a news report about the two guys, the briefcase and how they robbed an armored car. Meanwhile, Brandon and Jennifer‘s fun day in Vegas is sidetracked when they run into Wentworth, who is looking for Jack. Jennifer finds Jack and tells him that he‘s late for his meeting. Preoccupied, Jack could care less about his interview with Wentworth and blows Jennifer off. Chico, Big Chauncey, Bra